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Do You Know Your Customers' Jobs-to-be-Done?

Today, people are asking about jobs-to-be-done because it's a trendy topic. Specifically, they're asking, "What is the job?" If you're on a product, marketing or sales team at a company,..

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Find the Jobs-to-be-Done Statements that Actually Work

How do you create a good jobs-to-be-done statement? This is critical because you're using language to define what your customers want and what your market is. We know that people hire products to..

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Jobs-to-be-Done Exercises to Uncover Your Customers’ Jobs

According to Jobs Theory, your customers are not buying your products, they are hiring them to get a job done. A job-to-be-done is a goal your customers are trying to achieve independent of any..

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Product Roadmap Framework: The Ultimate Risk-Mitigation Strategy

Today we're going to talk about adopting a product roadmap framework. This is for teams who are trying to create product roadmaps. If you've ever tried to create one, it can be extremely difficult...

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3 Tips for Adopting the Product Management Frameworks

Product Management frameworks are exciting to learn and frustrating to implement. As a product manager myself and a framework teacher, I totally understand the appeal. Being a product manager is a..

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How Google Sheets Took Share From Excel Using Competitive Positioning

By definition, most product, marketing and sales people don’t work at market leading companies. In order to build a business, we need to get people to switch from using some other product or get..

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Stop the Boring Marketing Messages with JTBD Targeted Messaging

What is targeted messaging? Why is it important to your product, marketing and sales teams? How do you use jobs-to-be-done to deliver effective targeted messages?

Companies frequently make the..

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How Would You Beat Facebook?

How can you use Jobs-to-be-Done innovation methods to beat your competitors? In this next installment of “How Would You Beat?” we explain how to define markets using JTBD, which is the critical..

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The Missing Link Between Sales Capability Frameworks and Closing

As the head of sales, you’ve likely experimented with numerous frameworks for your sales team. There’s also a good chance that you’ve grown tired of the redundant message across all of them:

  • ..

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How to Achieve Team Alignment Using Jobs-to-be-Done

Let's just say it: working with a terrible team sucks. It really sucks. Whether it’s your leadership team, your colleagues or your peers, working with a team that sucks, absolutely sucks. It’s even..

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