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What Our Customers Say

"This was the best investment that we’ve made for this team. I had multiple people that attended the thrv JTBD workshop saying, ‘This is the best thing that we've ever done at Target.' We were really successful."

Matt B.

"As a result of thrv’s JTBD theory, everybody is benefiting from the framework, because it keeps everybody speaking the same language. What blew me away with this was that within three weeks, we were already thinking differently about how we were doing things at the company. We saw immediate benefit from the adoption of the JTDB process, and the workshops we did with thrv just opened everyone's mind."

Barry K.

"Life changing for any product professional or product-minded executive. Loved it."

Warren S.

"I’ve worked with thrv twice on two different companies in two different markets. Their insights were critical on both occasions. I’ll never again develop new products without understanding my customers’ unmet needs in their job-to-be-done."

Rich M.

"Working with thrv across a couple of our portfolio companies has showed me the organization's willingness to kind of come in and meet the organization where they are. I've seen that work well, as far as getting to the value quickly and getting the organization embracing the theories and the thoughts, and then building momentum from there."

Mark H.

"The thrv JTBD workshop provided a good foundation for those of us that are not speaking to customers every day. Everything in context of the framework facilitated better discussions at the board level as we thought about strategy."

Dave U.

"One of the best sprints I’ve attended recently. Your sprint finally gave me a systematic framework to apply."

Sophie H.

"I really enjoyed your sprint. My brain was whirling on the way home... I've been framing every problem in a JTBD light ever since."

Galina P.

"Thank you for a wonderful workshop last night on your JTBD framework. Looking forward to practicing this new approach in the course of my work."

Denis V.

"Engaging content, meaningful follow-up questions, really fun experience overall!"

Annette N.

"Well done, and efficient! Thanks for keeping the videos bite-sized and easily consumable."

Alley C.

"Well constructed and provided good examples of consistency all the way through"

William H.

"Clear, concise and helpful."

Julia O.

"This is a dynamite course. Well laid out and the information is presented logically. The examples are very good and the exercises are relevant. I will be referring this course to my team and other Marketing professionals. It is a very different way of thinking and the process will provide a significant competitive advantage."

Steve G.

"I am excited for the workshop and put all of this new knowledge and thought process into work!"

Erica Y.

"thrv has taken the jobs-to-be-done theory and turned into an actionable methodology. This helps resolve one of the most critical challenges for product teams: making the methodology stick."

Richard M.

"When I heard that we'd engaged an external group to help with strategy, well...let's just say thrv exceeded my expectations by a lot based on previous experience :)"

Lee K.

"The JTBD framework allowed us to hear from many more customers through the interview and survey process, as well as have a way to filter, prioritize, and start to ingest it into the company's process in a way that aligns their needs."

Mark H.