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    Jared Ranere

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    Thought Industries: Align Your Product Team with Your Customers

    What blew me away was within 3 weeks we were thinking differently about how we were doing things at the company. To see immediate benefit just opened everyone’s mind.


    Thought Industries is a SaaS learning management platform that helps B2B companies educate their customers and generate revenue from training at scale. They work closely with their customers, which led to an enormous amount of feedback and feature requests. Prioritizing their product roadmap based on the squeakiest wheels in their customer base was no longer enough to achieve their goals. 

    As CEO Barry Kelly says, "We needed some research and science behind what we decided to build."

    Target: Beating a Fierce Competitor

    Our biggest competitor, Amazon, started copying a lot of the things we were doing. The team was excited that rather than being a follower we were now in a place where we were leading.

    When thrv ran a Jobs-to-be-Done Sprint with the Target Registry team, their revenue was declining, they were stuck in a game of feature catch-up with Amazon and losing market share to them. In this Case Study, Matt Bjornson, Director of Product for Target Registry from 2016 to 2020, explains how his team worked with thrv to use Jobs-to-be-Done to reverse their revenue decline, win share from Amazon, and develop features that Amazon tried to copy.

    AutoQuotes: Accelerating Revenue Growth

    2020 was extremely challenging in our market and yet we were able to grow our business. New products contributed to 30% of our new bookings.


    Over the course of 2020, AutoQuotes implemented Jobs-to-be-Done with thrv. The training and research led to a new product roadmapping decision-making process that aligned the operating team, the board, and the employees with their customers' problems and generated revenue growth from new products.