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11 Ways to Think Different about Product Management Using Jobs-to-be-Done

This is the introduction to a series about how Jobs-to-be-Done can change your product development mindset. Part 1 explains the first five rows of the chart using the example of an educational publisher. Part 2 discusses Idea Generation, Pricing, and Market Sizing. Part 3 covers Road Mapping, Aligning the Team, and Scoping an MVP.

Jobs-to-be-Done is often presented from a theoretical point-of-view. To help you apply it to your everyday life in product development, we've created a Jobs-to-be-Done Cheat Sheet.

The Jobs-to-be-Done Cheat Sheet illustrates the practical difference between a traditional approach to product management, and the JTBD approach from thrv. If you've ever found the theory to be a little overwhelming, this breakdown may help.

To ground the concepts, we imagine how Microsoft could have used JTBD to think differently when competing with the iPod. If you were a PM at Microsoft then and focused on the customer's unmet needs in the job of curating music, would you have proposed the Zune?

Think of the Cheat Sheet as a first step towards setting yourself apart from all other product managers and companies who don't know about Jobs-to-be-Done. Save the image and refer to it when you're about to do something the same way you always have.

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Jared Ranere

Posted by Jared Ranere


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