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Building High-Growth Products with Jobs-to-be-Done

Jay Haynes, thrv's CEO, gave a talk on Building High-Growth Products with Jobs-to-be-Done at Product Tank SF, the San Francisco Meetup for Mind The Product. Below is the video of the talk.

The goal of product managers and product teams is to satisfy customer needs better than competitors in your market. This simple statement, however, begs a couple of important questions:

1. What is a customer need?

2. What is a market?

In his talk, Jay answers both of these questions, in addition to explaining why defining your market using a product is a bad idea. Products and technologies change far too rapidly. However, the "job" that customers are "hiring" the products to do never changes. The customer's job to be done is your market.

The next obvious question is, "What job is your customer hiring your product to do?"

Watch for the moment when Jay asks, "How many people work on teams where everybody agrees on what a customer need is?" Nobody raises a hand. The mission is to satisfy customer needs, and yet, we have no agreement on needs! If you've ever felt this way, you are not alone. As Jay explains in the video, there is a solution for clearly defining customer needs using the job-to-be-done.

Jobs-to-be-done can help improve the efficiency of launching products. The customer needs in the job, like the job itself, are stable. Your team can then use those needs in the job to stay ahead of your competition.

If you enjoy the video and would like to learn more about jobs-to-be-done and using it to define your customer needs to build high-growth products, contact us today and try our free online course.




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