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Build a Better Product Roadmap

Why train your team on Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) methods? Because your product roadmap is everything. JTBD will align your product, marketing, and sales teams with your customers and with each other. Your team will be confident that your product roadmap will accelerate your growth, beat your competition, and lead to success.

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What is Jobs-to-be-Done?

Section 1

Know Your Customer

1. Customers
2. Markets
3. Market Size
4. Customer Needs
5. Unmet Needs

Section 2

Create a Winning Strategy

6. Product Strategy
7. Competitors
8. Segmentation
9. Idea Generation
10. Customer Value

Section 3

Launch Your Product

11. Positioning
12. Messaging
13. Design
14. Sales
15. Equity Value

Product teams are no stranger to a pivoting product roadmap. Nailing down customer needs while keeping internal opinions and influences at bay is not only exhausting, it’s unproductive. The endless war room battles that have your roadmap spinning out of control end now.   

Imagine if everyone on your team agreed on your customer's needs, what needs aren’t being met, and how to solve for those needs. You'd have a stable target and common decision criteria, instead of a roadmap defined by opinions alone. Through our Jobs-to-be-Done training course, you can quantify which needs are most important, maintain a clear strategy, and encourage team alignment your around your customer.

Sign up for our free Online Course and we’ll teach you how to leverage Jobs-to-be-Done to make smarter choices about what to build. Your team will understand your customer’s ultimate goal and why they struggle to achieve it.

Stay Customer Focused

Every company wants to be customer-focused. But how do you do it? We train your team on the most advanced JTBD methods developed with the world’s leading companies. Your teams will have a deep understanding of your customers' problems so your roadmap leads to success.

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Team Agreement

Politics and turf battles can destroy morale and kill a team’s effectiveness. Our Jobs-to-be-Done training helps your team use objective metrics (your customers’ unmet needs) to make critical roadmap, strategy, and marketing decisions. Your teams will be aligned with your customers and, most importantly, with each other.


What Our Customers Say

"thrv has taken the jobs-to-be-done theory and turned into an actionable methodology. This helps resolve one of the most critical challenges for product teams: making the methodology stick."

Rich Maraschi

Rich Maraschi

Head of Global Growth

eBay Classifieds

"Understanding the JTBD was 'realizing my full potential' was a critical first step, but thrv also showed us how to break down this goal/JTBD to identify unmet needs in achieving this goal. This is what we found really powerful about working with thrv; we can identify needs as metrics which we can measure and act on to help our customers/students."

Elmer Almachar

Elmer Almachar

Sr. Director Strategy & Innovation

Kellogg School of Mgmt

Less Risk

Building a product roadmap is extremely risky. Bad product roadmaps lead to company and career failure. Just ask Blackberry, Kodak or Britannica. Our Jobs-to-be-Done training shows your team how to significantly lower your product roadmap risk before you invest in product development, marketing, and sales.


Career Advancement

Success breeds success. Our Jobs-to-be-Done training helps your team advance their careers because it leads to your product’s success. And not just one-off random success, but consistent, repeatable success. JTBD methods are applicable across companies and markets, so the knowledge your team gains is permanent.

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