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As people building products, we know pretty quickly when we make something that fails. Often, the cause is misunderstanding what the customer really wanted - missing the key insight into the customer's need.  

Why not start from the customer needs instead?  

Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD), as opposed to traditional product development, does exactly that.  

We've developed a full online course you can take to become an expert and build products customers need:

  • Create a customized, step-by-step plan for how to implement Jobs-to-be-Done in your company 
  • Learn why other methods have failed companies like Britannica, Blackberry and Kodak
  • Explore case studies of how companies have succeeded with Jobs-to-be-Done


Imagine if everyone on your team agreed on your customer's needs - why your company is being hired for a certain job. You'd have a stable target and common decision criteria (instead of a roadmap defined by opinions alone). Through our Jobs-to-be-Done course, you can quantify which needs are most important, maintain a clear strategy, and stay aligned around your customer.


thrv ( is the first and only product management software for enterprises based on the jobs-to-be-done method.  

thrv provides training, services, and software to companies looking to implement the jobs-to-be-done method in order to accelerate their revenue and profitability growth. thrv’s software transforms product management into a customer-centric and metric-driven practice.

Jay Haynes, thrv's CEO and Founder, is an award-winning executive and entrepreneur. Through his work with product teams at Fortune 500 corporations, private-equity sponsored companies, and venture-backed start-ups, Jay has led thrv's Jobs-to-be-Done advancements. thrv enables product teams to dramatically increase their effectiveness in using jobs-to-be-done to reduce roadmap risk, accelerate revenue growth, and generate superior equity value.

Before spending a decade in Private Equity and another decade as a CEO of venture-backed startups, Jay graduated Phi Beta Kappa with highest honors from Brown University, and he received his MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.