JTBD Sprint

Accelerate your revenue, product, and career in 3 days

The thrv Sprint provides your team with Jobs-to-be-Done training, insights, & actions.

Fast Product Results

Product Strategy Assessment
Revenue & Equity Growth

At the end of the thrv Sprint, you will be able to confidently project the revenue growth and new equity value you can generate by getting your customer’s job done better than your competitors.

Needs Identification
New Growth Opportunities

With thrv’s expert guidance, your team will identify your key customers and their JTBDs. Together, we’ll assess your customers’ willingness to pay, calculate the size of your market opportunity, and identify an underserved customer segment.

Market Quantification
Identify Unmet Needs

Combining your team’s market knowledge with thrv’s advanced JTBD techniques, we will (i) identify 10-12 job steps in your customer’s JTBD, (ii) identify 40-50 customer needs and (iii) assess which needs are unmet.

Competitive Landscape
New Competitive Insights

Together we will identify and quantify weaknesses in your competitors by using job steps & needs in your customers’ JTBD. You can exploit these weaknesses to take market share.

Improve Your Team's Performance

Idea Generation
Valuable Product Ideas

Using unmet needs in your customer’s JTBD, we will conduct idea generation sessions to create product features your team can build, market & sell. We will calculate the customer value needed to win in your market and accelerate your revenue growth.

Pricing Recommendations
Product Design & Purchasing

Using thrv’s JTBD techniques, your team will find design improvements that will make it easier for your customers to use and purchase your product.

Messaging Analysis
Development & Budgeting

In the thrv Sprint, we will create the tasks required for your team to build the new ideas along with an estimate of the level of effort and risk. You will prioritize your team’s new product releases using the customer value and estimated budget.

Messaging Creation
Messaging & Positioning

Together we will generate new messages that will better position your products against your competitors and help your team sell more faster.

User Experience Analysis
Improve Key Performance Indicators

At the end of the Sprint, you team will know how to use JTBD to accelerate your revenue and equity growth, increased customer conversion and satisfaction, improve your time to market, reduce your development costs and mitigate roadmap risks.

Roadmap Prioritization
Align Your Teams

With JTBD, your team will be aligned with your customer and will increase coordination between your cross-functional product, design, development, marketing, sales, finance & support teams.