Product strategy is hard.
thrv makes you a virtuoso.

thrv is the first and only jobs-to-be-done product management software. We put your customer's job in focus to help you launch great products.

Great product managers ship great products.

And products are measured by their results. Our mission at thrv is to deliver three results to you: 1. extremely satisfied customers, 2. leading market share, and 3. accelerated profit growth.

Extremely Satisfied Customers

Leading market share

Accelerated profit growth

But launching great products is hard

Because your strategy and feature ideas rely on conflicting opinions from executives, salespeople, and customers. Your product team is scattered and your road map is guesswork.

Focus on your customer and get your product right

Imagine if everyone agreed on priorities because they knew which customer needs your product roadmap should satisfy. With thrv, you'll quantify which needs are most important, your strategy will be clear, and your teams will be aligned around your customers.

Join the world's best by focusing on your customer first

thrv is based on Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD), a product strategy theory popularized by Harvard Business School Professor Clay Christensen. JTBD says your customers aren't buying your product, they are hiring it to get a job done. The world’s leading companies have used JTBD to launch blockbuster products, from medical devices to enterprise applications to consumer products. With thrv, you can too.

Differentiate your team, differentiate your products

If your team thinks like everyone else, your products will be like everyone else’s. Here are 11 ways Jobs-to-be-Done and thrv will help your team think different.

The team and tools you need to move quickly

Your team is smart and with thrv's experts they will quickly learn JTBD's new concepts, definitions and techniques. With thrv's tools they will execute fast. Reliable customer insights and product results will come your way sooner than you think.