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Equity Value Creation

For private equity funds, executives and limited partners.

Drive unmatched growth with our Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) innovation platform. thrv focuses your product, marketing, and sales teams on your customers’ unmet needs. The result is growth-powered equity value creation with less risk.


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Your customers’ Job-to-be-Done is the key to
growth-powered equity value creation

Your customers don’t want your product. They want to get their job done. This is the foundational JTBD insight. It gives your product, marketing, and sales teams unparalleled customer focus and team alignment. Your customer’s JTBD is the problem your product team needs to solve, the struggle your marketing team needs to communicate, and the solution your sales team needs to sell.


Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD)

Powered with AI

thrv's JTDB platform is powered by AI in order to reduce research time and generate actionable insights. Our platform gathers customer and market insights that align your product, marketing, and sales teams with your customer unmet needs. 
Experience Accelerated Growth

What is thrv?

thrv is a complete JTBD platform for equity value creation.
Our software ensures that your teams stay customer-focused.
Our services accelerate your growth with less risk.
Our training helps your teams create equity value faster.

Our JTBD platform helps you create equity value in five steps:


JTBD Starting Point

Step 1

We identify your customer’s unmet needs in their JTBD. We size your growth opportunity and identify the optimal target segment using your customer's willingness-to-pay to get their job done.

Key Metrics We Improve

Prioritized Unmet Customer Needs, Increased Size of Target Customer Segment and Growth Opportunity.

Our Process

Starting with your customer’s JTBD from the thrv Database, we identify the unmet customer needs in your market and size the most attractive customer segment to determine the optimal growth strategy to create equity value faster and with less risk.

Case Study

thrv identifies critical market growth opportunity for Biscom.



Understanding our customer’s problems with their job-to-be-done in contrast to their problems with our product uncovered actionable growth opportunities the company would have otherwise missed.

  • cici_zheng
  • Cici Zheng



    (Biscom PE Sponsor)


Sales Optimizations Sales Optimizations

Step 2

We improve your lead qualification and sales messaging to close more deals faster.

Key Metrics We Improve

Improved Lead Scoring, Increased Close Rate, Reduced Time to Close.

Our Process

thrv analyzes the value your current product features deliver against your customer’s job-to-be-done and your competitors. This analysis enables your sales team to quickly score leads more accurately and focus their sales efforts on leads with a much higher probability of closing a profitable deal.

Case Study

thrv helps Oversight close more deals faster against a larger competitor.


CASE STUDY : Oversight

Once we focused our sales messaging on the job beneficiaries and their job-to-be-done rather than job executors and our technology, we won 4 out of 5 competitive deals against a large enterprise software company.

  • Manish SIngh
  • Manish Singh

    Chief Operating Officer



Marketing Optimizations Marketing Optimizations

Step 3

We improve your marketing messages to generate higher conversion rates and more qualified leads.

Key Metrics We Improve

Increased Marketing Qualified Leads, Increased Conversion Rate, Decreased Cost Per Qualified Lead.

Our Process

Using the analysis of your current product against your customer’s job-to-be-done, thrv reviews your existing messaging and identifies improvements that will better resonate with the unmet needs of your target customer segment. Together with your team, we write and test new messaging to improve conversion rates across your funnel.

Case Study

thrv helps MSI Data drive a 10x increase in click-through rate on ads.



thrv's insights into our market and their Jobs-to-be-Done framework dramatically improved our marketing performance and gave us clear targets for prioritizing our product roadmap.

  • Geoff Surkamer
  • Geoff Surkamer

    Chief Executive Officer



Product Improvements Product Improvements

Step 4

We improve your roadmap to accelerate your growth with new product features.

Key Metrics We Improve

Accelerated Revenue Growth Rate, Improved Product Roadmap Feature ROI.

Our Process

Using the unmet needs of the most attractive customer segment in your market, thrv analyzes and prioritizes the features in your current roadmap to significantly increase the likelihood of revenue growth and decrease the risk of failure. thrv works with your team to generate, prototype, and test new roadmap feature ideas that will accelerate your growth and increase your equity value multiple.

Case Study

thrv helps AutoQuotes generate 30% of new bookings from new product features.


CASE STUDY : AutoQuotes

How do we know we want to invest $500,000 in this roadmap? With JTBD, it became obvious and changed our priorities.

  • Jim Contardi
  • Jim Contardi

    Chief Executive Officer



Equity Growth-02 Equity Value Creation

Step 5

We train and align your product, marketing and sales teams to create superior equity returns faster and with less risk.

Key Metrics We Improve

Accelerated Long-Term Growth Rate, Increased Market Share, Increased Exit Multiples, Superior Equity Returns

Our Process

thrv trains and supports your team as we execute with our JTBD software. We work with your team to design new processes that fit your business. We review your teams’ work to keep your company on track for growth-powered equity value creation.

Case Study

thrv helps Target beats Amazon, accelerates revenue growth and increases NPS 20%



Our biggest competitor, Amazon, started copying a lot of the things we were doing. The team was excited that rather than being a follower we were now in a place where we were leading.

  • Matt
  • Matt Bjornson

    Director of Product


EBook mockup thrv

Learn How To Use JTBD To Grow Faster

Our Executive White Paper details our JTBD method. In just 15 pages, it explains what JTBD is, how to use it, and why it is valuable. You will learn the details of how JTBD accelerates your growth, increases your valuation multiple, and generates superior equity returns faster and with less risk. 


Case Studies