How Your Product Team Can Use Jobs-to-be-Done to Accelerate Your Growth

Our new eBook shows you how to beat your competition, using Apple and Google as examples.

You might think both Apple and Google are untouchable competitors when it comes to maps apps. Could anyone ever compete with them?

In this eBook, we’ll show you how a product team could use Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) to beat Apple Maps and Google Maps. You can use this same method to beat your competition.

The book also demonstrates the results your team can generate using JTBD. You’ll learn:

  • What the JTBD Method is
  • How to use the JTBD Method to beat your competitors
  • How the thrv 3 day Sprint gets your team results quickly
  • Plus, 3 in-depth customer needs analyses you can use as a template for your own product development

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Includes 3 In-depth Customer Needs Analyses

We've dissected one B2C and two B2B jobs-to-be-done. With these examples, you will better understand how JTBD gives you better customer insights to beat your competition.


Jay Haynes is a serial entrepreneur based in the Bay Area with 20+ years of experience using jobs-to-be-done methods with product teams at Fortune 500 corporations, private-equity sponsored companies, and venture-backed start-ups. 

While at the Harvard Business School, Jay studied with Clay Christensen, who pioneered the concept of disruption and popularized the jobs-to-be-done innovation method. 

Interested in talking with him? Connect with Jay on LinkedIn or email jay at