Connect your roadmap to your
customer needs.

thrv's software gives you the tools to accelerate your research, quickly gain actionable
results, and align your teams to deliver customer value.


Know Your Customer

With thrv's customer interview, survey, and analysis tools, it's faster than ever to define your customer's job, quantify the importance and satisfaction of each need in the job, and segment your market so you know which problems to solve for who.


Make Better Decisions

thrv's opportunity dashboards, market sizing graphs, and value-driven road maps expose the data you need to make winning decisions. With clear, user-focused criteria for prioritization, you can prioritize features like product management scientists instead of a debate team.


Focus Your Team

In the thrv app, everything - every feature, epic, marketing message, competitive analysis, etc. - is tied to a customer need. No matter who is working on what, they will have the user's goal in focus.