Worried Your Product Roadmap Won’t Lead to Revenue Growth?

Jobs-to-be-Done Offers the Solution.

As a product executive, you own the roadmap. But how do you validate that you’re prioritizing the right features? 

According to Mind the Product, 49% of product managers say their primary challenge is validating their product without sufficient market research. At many companies, executives don’t even agree on what a customer need is, let alone which needs to address. Opinions become the basis for pitching new features and committing resources.

Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) is a framework that gives your team an objective criteria for understanding customer needs, deciding which needs are underserved, and measuring how a new feature will impact revenue growth. 

Want to see how it works? Read our JTBD cheat sheet to find:

  • The difference between traditional product management vs. JTBD
  • The critical mistakes Microsoft made when creating an iPod competitor
  • Additional learning resources, including our JTBD whitepaper

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Why Learn a New Way to Make Products?

Imagine if everyone on your team agreed on your customer's needs - why your company is being hired for a certain job. You'd have a stable target and common decision criteria (instead of a roadmap shaped too much by opinions). With Jobs-to-be-Done and thrv, you can quantify which needs are most important, maintain a clear strategy, and stay aligned around your customer.

About thrv

thrv (thrv.com) is the first and only product management software for enterprises based on the jobs-to-be-done method.

thrv provides training, services, and software to companies looking to implement the jobs-to-be-done method in order to accelerate their revenue and profitability growth. thrv’s software transforms product management into a customer-centric and metric-driven practice.