Transform theory into practice

It’s easy to tell your team to focus on the job-to-be-done, but how do you turn a concept into actionable steps that produce a road map? Here’s how:

Define the Job-to-be-Done

What is your customer hiring your product to do? Through conversations with your product team, stakeholders, and customers, we use JTBD to help you define your customer’s job-to-be-done — the north star for your business.

Identify Customer Needs

People may not know a Model T is a better solution than a faster horse, but they do know they need to travel faster to get to a destination on time. thrv’s Customer Needs Interviews reveal what people need to get the job done faster and more accurately.

Find Unmet Customer Needs

thrv’s Needs Surveys quantify unmet needs — those that are important and not satisfied. They are the opportunities for you to bring new solutions to the market.

Segment Your Market

Using quantified customer needs and the willingness to pay to get the job done, choose who to target, which problems to solve, and the size of the opportunity.

Analyze Your Competition

Set a clear bar for your solution to beat. First, identify the competitive landscape — any solution used to get the job done today. Then, measure how the competition attempts to meet customer needs. Your goal is to meet the needs faster and more accurately.

Generate Great Ideas

Ask, “How can we serve the unmet needs better than the competition?” The answers will be the product features and services that will deliver customer value.

Price Your Product

Develop optimal pricing strategies based on the customer’s willingness to pay to get the job done and the number of customers in the market.

Create Messaging & Positioning

Convert customers and differentiate your product with messages based on satisfying unmet needs in the job.

Plan Your Road Map

Create value for your customer faster by prioritizing features that meet the most important and least satisfied needs with the lowest risk.

Mitigate Your Risk

Forecast revenue based on the value your features bring to the unmet needs in the job and calculate how much to invest in your road map.

Accelerate Your Growth

Build your product with the entire team aligned around the customer needs you’ve prioritized. Launch with confidence that you will deliver value to your customers and growth to your business.