Discover Market Opportunities in a 3 Day Sprint

Learn How to Accelerate Your Revenue Growth in Just 3 Days

Are you waiting for a brilliant idea to deliver the revenue growth you need?

Companies all over use the ideas-first approach to developing new products, aiming to fail fast with prototypes and pivots. But does failing fast lead to winning products, or throwing darts at a moving target and hoping for the best? Products fail because companies that don’t understand why their customer is hiring them and which of their customer’s needs aren’t being met.

Jobs-to-be-Done: The Solution

That’s why the framework Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) has garnered so much attention and is used by product leaders from Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and more. JTBD lets you create common, objective criteria around customer needs, and then prioritize, de-risk, and execute product development.

At thrv (“thrive”), we help companies implement and practice Jobs-to-be-Done across their innovation cycle.

Unlike hiring management consultants, we teach your team best practices and offer all the tools you need to execute on product strategy, including our custom JTBD software. And unlike attending a training, we’ll generate product ideas and messaging you can use immediately.

All our engagements begin with an intense 3 Day Jobs-to-be-Done Sprint.

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How the 3 Day Jobs-to-be-Done Sprint Works

Through a combination of lectures, interactive exercises, and collaborative working sessions, thrv Professionals take you through the entire Jobs-to-be-Done method in three days. You’ll learn how to do everything from identifying your customer’s job to improving your sales message, and you’ll execute on the spot.

Who’s it for?

Job-to-be-Done is a customer-centric method for your entire company. Product Managers, designers, and engineers use it to develop new solutions. Marketers use it to generate messaging against customer needs. Salespeople use it to close deals by showing potential customers how a solution satisfies their specific needs.

Day by Day:

Day 1: Identify Your Customer’s Job and Needs, Quantify Your Market

  • Create a clear product strategy to align your team
  • Define your market with your customer’s Job-to-be-Done
  • Identify the Job Steps and Needs in the Job-to-be-Done and assess which needs are unmet
  • Size your market with a need curve based on the willingness to pay to get the job done

Day 2: Find Competitor Weaknesses

  • Discover competitive threats based on the job e.g. how is Facebook competing with cigarettes?
  • Find the holes in the job–which job steps and unmet needs have no solutions?
  • Identify competitor weaknesses based on their satisfaction of needs, not their features

Day 3: Generate New Product Ideas, Assess Risk, Create Marketing and Sales Messages

  • Answer the key question to generate new ideas: how can you satisfy an unmet customer need better than the competition?
  • Measure the value of a new idea based on its ability to satisfy needs and assess the level of effort and risk to prioritize your ideas
  • Position your product against the competitor weaknesses and generate messaging that speaks to customer needs


Customer Needs


Ready to Work with Us?

At thrv, we have decades of experience working at all levels of innovation. We’re practitioners in product management and know how to take the theory of JTBD all the way to proven business results.

Before we set up a sprint, we’d like to talk with you about your current business concerns and how we can help.